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Deborah Turner


Deborah is the founder and creator of Deborah Alexis Studios. Launched in 2021, she saw fit to create an interior design firm that set a new standard within the industry and community she engages-through High-End Residential and Commercial Design.


Determined to be the best at her craft and make her mark, Deborah seizes the opportunity to create challenging spaces that could serve a greater purpose - through storytelling, art, and providing meaning. All the while, withholding respect to the maintenance of historic and pre-existing structures.

After working within the Interior Design Industry in New York City for four years and encountering life changes, Deborah decided to take a leap of faith in pursuing her own dreams of creating, cultivating, and running her own enterprise. To better reach and serve others in her physical and online communities she took the liberty to expand her platform buy earning her NJ Real Estate License and creating a YouTube Channel.

Deborah joined the Real Estate field July of 2021. Once she saw a chance to merge the two worlds of Design and Real Estate together sharing her knowledge of both Interior + Lighting was crucial in enforcing how it greatly impacts a sale and a home for whoever occupies it. 

With her developing YouTube Channel, Deborah shares the ins and outs, struggles and successes of learning how to merge and run an interior/lighting design and real estate business through taking on challenging projects and clients - start to finish. Overall, Deborah’s goal is to shed light and inspire and melt away the fear of those who are stuck and afraid of taking that next step in their life in whatever field they may be in.



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